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Siwaju Consulting is a business education consulting firm, focused on partnering with all forms of organizations in a bid to help them achieve their growth plans, through the use of tools that are geared towards delivering the three most desirable business outcomes – Effective people, optimized operations and strong operational performances.

Siwaju was incorporated to provide holistic solutions for enhancing people development, operational excellence, and performance.

We have partnered with many organizations within Sub-Saharan African countries including South Africa, Nigeria, and Namibia.

Our Core Solutions


We use various canvases to introduce new concepts.

Apart from introducing a new concept, a canvas helps in implementing/creating blueprint towards achieving a strategic intent.

A canvas also serves a dashboard, defining a set of  indicators and                        performance  threshold for each indicators   .It also allows for the design, testing  and   building of new growth engines for any business.

Business cases

Business cases enables the application of the new concepts.

A case study helps to bring to life real business scenario. They are well established techniques that enable the application of               concept in real  word situations .Through the use  of  business case ,a business owner/ start up owners  develop  the  skills in problem solving decision making in  complex situations as well as team            to apply optimal solutions in similar situations 

Simulation tools

 Simulations  tools is then used to reinforce learning and allows for  the safe application of new concepts.

Business simulation is essential in improving performance. They are powerful tool for building strategic developing abilities. Additionally                 , simulation offers  a great way of developing business acumen among business leaders, giving them enterprise                   perspective, honing their strategic thinking, building financial acumen and increasing   their customer.

Our experience

We have partnered with many organizations within many African countries including South Africa, Nigeria, and Namibia.We have experience and strong expertise in supporting organizations in many industries including Financial services – Banking and Insurance, Oil & Gas, Automotive Retail, Entertainment, Information Technology and Real Estate where we have partnered with various firms to improve productivity and profitability.

Our Difference


We believe running a business cannot be thought, business has to be ran!. Hence, we do not attempt to teach people how to run a business or a business unit, instead, we create and use tools that will help them understand business essentials and develop strong business acumen

  • We recognize that  not all clients are alike,hence, we take time to understand your particular situation, goals, and objectives.

  • With this understanding,we are able to develop end-to-end solutions, capable of addressing every aspects of your business endeavors. Our rigorous approach is crafted to deliver the three most desirablebusinessoutcomes- Effectivepeople, optimized operations and strong performance.


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